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Introducing the AlphaWarrior Show, a podcast hosted by none other than American Patriot and freedom advocate, Alfredo Luna, also known as "ALPHA". With a wealth of experience as a Combat Veteran Marine, who has seen the horrors of war in Iraq (2003) and received a combat meritorious promotion and commendation, ALPHA is a voice of authority on the issues facing our society today.

Adding to his impressive resume, ALPHA has spent almost a decade and a half in Law Enforcement, including serving as a Gang Detective and participating in Under Cover Operations. His outstanding work has earned him awards from congress, the FBI, and even the prestigious Law Enforcement Medal of Valor.

ALPHA is a true hero, having saved a 2-year-old drowning victim in 2018, performing CPR as the first officer on the scene and pulling the child out of the pool with the mother. With multiple certifications as an Expert Gang Witness in California Courts and surviving four officer-involved shootings, ALPHA is no stranger to chaos and operates with the calm and resolve that only a warrior can.

If you are a patriot, an alpha, or a warrior at heart, then the AlphaWarrior Show is the podcast for you. Join ALPHA as he shares his unique perspective on issues affecting society today, with insights that can only come from someone who has seen the front lines. Don't miss out on this captivating and exciting podcast that promises to leave you wanting more.